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Welcome to Ram Kumar Mehandi Art

M ehandi is a mark of tradition as well as trend. Ram Kumar Mehandi Art assures to let its customers, maintain both. We started working in 1991 and its been over two decades of delivering satisfactory services. We are the hub of well experienced mehandi artists with many ideas to create the best mehandi designs. Your search for good mehandi wala can have a happy ending at our center.

All the three stages involved in the application of Mehandi are taken care of. We follow all the pre requisites to get the best results. The products used are all herbal and skin friendly. While applying, our artists put in efforts to make the latest mehandi designs in shortest time possible. The last but the most prominent stage is when the results are seen. It is our promise to achieve the desired results. You will find the taste of perfect mehandi art and the dark colour produced will be a treat to the eyes.

  • Bridal Mehndi
  • Feet Pair Ki Mehndi
  • Stylish mehndi.

Why Mehandi?

Mehandi aur ‘heena’ has an important place in our culture. It is a part of our traditions. Besides that, mehandi comes with a set of benefits. It is herb and is good for skin. It gives a cooling effect and the colouring agent, being natural, are harmless. Mehandi definitely helps to complete the perfect Indian get up.


Reasons for you to select us:

Best artists

The best trait of our artists lies in their experience. Each artist possesses an experience of over 28 years. their strength lies in the capability to make latest mehandi designs. Expertise in bridal mehandi is our USP. The designs are promised to be new and in sync with latest fashion, as they are not copied from any reference book.

Products used

The products used are all herbal and unadulterated. We are extremely careful to check the use of any chemical in the mixture to prevent any harm to the skin. Quality of the products involved ensure good and safe outcomes.

Best result in short time

We promise stunning dark colour because we believe that quality products and correct knowledge is all what is required to get that. We add a cherry on the cake by providing all this within the shortest time possible.

Service at your doorstep

We know that with occasion comes huge commotion and going out for mehandi might be a problem and travelling becomes difficult after applying mehandi. We solve the issue by coming to your doorstep and help you to have the perfect look for the occasion.

Service as required

Different occasions have different moods. Each customer has personal choices and we entertain them all. Be it bridal mehandi, party purpose, modern designs or tattoo art, we have the excellence in all.

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